Life Sciences : Psoriasis Insights with AI-Powered Microbiome Analysis

Life Sciences : Psoriasis Insights with AI-Powered Microbiome Analysis

16s Sequencing

Tasks with leveraging publicly available research datasets, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the microbiome of Psoriasis patients, gaining new insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying this complex disease.

Cutting-Edge AI Techniques and Robust Classification Models: The Key to Our Success

Our team utilised both ensemble and deep learning approaches to analyse 16s sequenced data from Psoriasis patients, creating classification models that accurately identified the presence of Psoriasis. Additionally, our solution identified key microbes present in the microbiome of Psoriasis patients using feature importance analysis through the use of machine learning algorithms. This insight provides healthcare professionals with a deeper understanding of the underlying molecular mechanisms of the disease, enabling them to deliver more personalised and effective treatment plans to patients.

Advancing Psoriasis Research with AI-Powered Microbiome Analysis

Our AI-powered microbiome analysis solution represents an innovative approach to advancing Psoriasis research, helping healthcare professionals to gain new insights and to develop more effective treatments for this chronic inflammatory disorder. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and rigorous scientific methods, we delivered accurate classification models for Psoriasis based on 16s sequenced data of patient microbiome.

Project Tasks

  • Classification Models

    Development of classification models for Psoriasis.

  • Bioinformatics Pipeline

    Development and deployment of custom Bioinformatics Pipeline to AWS cloud platform.

  • System Integration

    Integration between on premise illumina sequencers to custom cloud based bioinformatics and AI analysis platform with customer mobile app web services integration.

  • Web Platform

    Development of custom web portal for science and customer service teams to review AI analysis results and provide customer details and action plans for patients.

Project Details

Development of classification models based on 16s sequenced data of patient microbiome.

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